School Development Plan

Mission Statement:

It is our mission at St. John the Baptist P.S. to serve our community and enhance its social and educational well-being through the provision of a warm, caring, secure and effective Catholic school. We believe this will enable our children to maximise their individual potential for academic, spiritual, personal and social development and help prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.


(1)     St.  John the Baptist Primary School aims to provide a caring and effective Catholic Education service, which enables its pupils to make the most of their potential for academic, religious and human development.  The school is committed to the Statement of Aims of Catholic Schools and to the promotion of an ethos throughout the school, which reflects the Christian teaching, and values of the church.

(2)     To provide opportunity for children to develop their full potential whilst aiming to preserve the individuality of the child.

(3)     To develop self-esteem and confidence and sense of fair play, respect and tolerance towards others and their property.

(4)     To foster good home/school links through parent/teacher meetings and by encouraging and welcoming parents to visit the school at any time to discuss their children’s welfare.

(5)     To lead children to a deeper more living active and personal Christian faith in accordance with Catholic beliefs and practice.

(6)     To be involved with other schools in the locality for educational, cultural and leisure activities in order to pool ideas and derive the utmost from the curriculum.


Our school in Context

St. John the Baptist Primary School is owned by the Trustees, managed by a Board of Governors and funded by the Board in respect of running costs.

The school is situated in a rural environment approximately 3 miles from Belleek and admits boys and girls aged from 4 to 11 from the surrounding areas of Roscor, Farrencassidy, and Mulleek and from the village of Belleek.

The school opened in 1960.  It has one classroom in the main building and three mobile classrooms.

A new mobile classroom was installed in September ’95 and includes a staff room, toilets and storage space.  This room is occupied by the infant classes and provides ample space for structured play and other learning activities. 

One of the classrooms in the main school building and the adjoining dining room were converted to form one large dual purpose room.  Work has recently been completed on extending the main classroom in the school and providing a new office.  The toilets have been refurbished.  Oil – fired central heating system has been installed.

The building is well maintained and kept to a high standard.

The current enrolment number is 54 pupils. Although St John the Baptist is a small school the children are provided with a broad range of experiences throughout the curriculum providing them with an impressive education.

General Progress of Children:

Teachers use a variety of forms of assessment – observation, discussion with pupils, marking, written tests, standardised tests, key stage assessment results and diagnostic testing.

  • A portfolio of work is kept for each pupil.
  • A record of all standardised results is kept

Management structures:

The Principal Ms Marie O’Shea takes overall responsibility for the school. Mrs Edel Brown has one management point and takes responsibility of the school in the Principal’s absence. There are co-ordinators who take a leading role in developing a particular subject area.


Teaching takes place in composite classes.

Teachers match tasks with the ability of the children. Teachers plan their work monthly and have clearly defined learning outcomes for the pupils.

EPs are drawn up for pupils at stage 2 and above on the Special Needs register.


Professional Development of Staff:

Staff development is closely matched to the school development plan.

Staff attend relevant courses organised by WELB, RTU and CCMS.

School based INSET will also be organised this year.

Staff are, encouraged to attend other courses outside school time, which will improve their expertise in certain areas.

Annual targets are set for all members of staff through the PRSD scheme.


Curricular and Extra Curricular Provision

Pupils receive a broad and balanced curriculum in line with the NI Curriculum. Extra Curricular activities are also provided. Some of these are Music, Gaelic football, Netball, Cycling roficiency and Garden Club. The school has enjoyed considerable success in recent years in many of the inter school competitions.


Special Needs

Mrs Brown is the Special Needs Co-ordinator. The school has a Special Needs Policy and an SEN Register.

All staff implement the code of Practice. When needed Education Plans (EPs) are drawn up for certain pupils. Parents and pupils are consulted on this.

We have various support officers from the WELB who support pupils with Specific and moderate learning difficulties and with speech therapy.


Pastoral care:

The school has a Child Protection, Pastoral care, Discipline and Anti Bullying Policy.

Parents have received overview copies of these policies. The designated teacher for Child Protection is Mrs Edel Brown and the deputy designated teacher is Mrs Aisling Sinclair.


Promoting Good Attendance, Good Behaviour and Discipline:

The school encourages good attendance, good behaviour and discipline.

The school implements the 'Golden Time' behaviour strategies.

Prizes are awarded at the end of the year for pupils with the best attendance.


Managing Attendance – promotion of health & Well being of Staff & pupils:

The school follows the CCMS policy on attendance and welfare. The school has Child Protection, Pastoral care, Discipline and Anti – Bullying Policies.

As a ‘Smart Snack’ School children are encouraged to choose a healthy snack for break.


Links with parents & the community

  • We believe that parents are the co-educators of children in parallel with the teachers.
  • Parents are informed of their child’s progress annually at the parent/teacher meeting.
  • Each child receives and annual report at the end of the school year.
  • Information is also provided in homework diaries or home school link books (KS1) if necessary.
  • The school has a monthly newsletter, which keeps parents up to date with what is happening in the school.
  • There is an annual Christmas event which parents, and local people are welcome to attend.
  • Parents support other celebrations throughout the year i.e. Class assemblies.
  • We hold an annual Sports Day.
  • We join with Belleek PS for Shared Education. In recent years we have worked on many Arts projects as well as going on many educational trips.
  • We have close links with the local Community Groups i.e. Belleek & District Community Partnership, Belleek & Garrison Credit Union and take part in many projects organised by them e.g. Community Arts Festival, Halloween Parades, Christmas Card Competition, Community Safety Calendar, Schools Poster Competition, Local schools Quiz etc.
  • We have close links with the local churches. Pupils serve as alter servers at weekly Mass and special occasions.

Challenges and Opportunities:

The school will face many challenges and opportunities over the next three years.


    • The school is located in a rural area. It is an area identified as lacking in services and facilities for young people.
    • A decline in the birth rate in the Fermanagh Area, which will effect future enrolment numbers.
    • The budget is currently running at a deficit so additional funding may be required to ensure the needs in all areas of the curriculum are fully met.
    • The changes of staff.
    • Revised Curriculum Implementation
    • SENDO
    • Procedures for transfer from primary to post primary school
    • Looked After Children
    • Reporting and Assessment
  • Opportunities
    • To take part in the strategic review of Post Primary and Primary provision in local area.
    • To make applications for funding to enhance areas of the curriculum.
    • Utilise training when available.
    • To encourage more pupils to take part in extra curricular activities.
    • To begin new procedures that will make monitoring and evaluating more easily adopted in the future.
    • To enhance the role of the ‘Friends’ Association

Additional government initiatives

In order to face these challenges and opportunities we will work in partnership with all our stakeholders to ensure that the highest level of education and opportunity are provided for the pupils of St John the Baptist PS.



The plan is presented by the Principal on behalf of the staff.  At the beginning of each academic year the School Development Plan is presented to The Board of Governors for adoption.

Key Targets and Action Plans are also presented to The Board of Governors for adoption on an annual cycle.

Finance and Salaries Sub-committee – responsible for making informed decisions reference The Financial Plan in relation to the School Development Plan.

Key Targets and Action Plans are reviewed by The Board of Governors at the end of each academic year. The Board of Governors will monitor, review and evaluate progress against the school development plan at the end of each year.

38 Roscor Lane, Carrenbeg, Belleek, Co. Fermanagh, BT93 3DP
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